Is Apple going soft?

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I mean, HP has a new touch screen computer (at least all of their Holiday ad's make it seem new and exciting).

I don't even know how many fancy phones are now available?

Apple has talked about, but I've seen nothing on the tablet?

Apple HAS opened the door for many companies - old and new, to come out with some very exciting new products ? Thank you Apple!

But I'd like to see something new and exciting from Apple. They, Apple, use to be the company everyone would look to, for something new and exciting, but they seem to have backed off a bit as of lately.

Oh well, maybe it's me?


PS Soft Apples suck.


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    No point in making waves if you don't ride them. They made a big wave with the iphone and it's still going because they have done it so well that the competition haven't made anything better. Drag the slider on this site back to before 2000 and you can see the tidal wave the iphone created:

    The latest iMacs are really nice machines and their notebooks are great. I can see the argument that they are getting soft but you can't expect them to move into all sorts of different markets if they can't make the same impact - it'll just dilute the brand.

    I would like to see them back cloud-based gaming though and improve their itunes services.
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