do I need screen protection

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I have read about screen protection and I'm a bit unsure if I need it or not. I thought the screen was made of some sort of glass, therefore virtually scratch proof, if so then why the need for protection?

Also, again I have seen load sof things about cases, do I need one? Do I need a screen protector and case mates!?



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    Assuming you have a notebook... No and maybe. You don't need screen protection if you're careful. Screens are made of glass but there are special coatings on them to help with glare, scratches, etc. so also be careful with your cleaning liquids. Nothing with ammonia like Windex... I just use a damp cloth

    I say maybe because it depends on whether or not you travel with it. If the notebook is parked in your home most of the time (like mine is) then whats the point. I don't even bring my case when I use it at the coffee shop. I only use my case when I travel by plane
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    I put a screen protector on my old MacBook, and after a few years it had become kind of scratched up. When I took it off, the residue left behind was absolutely impossible to clean off, and the screen looked like ass.

    I'm keeping anything like that far away from the glass screen of my MacBook Pro.
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    When I first got my iPod Touch, I bought a Capdase screen protector. Within 2 weeks I could see the scratches. I took it off. 6 months later, my iPod Touch is still perfect. That glass is really hard.

    That said, I have been using both a protector and a case to protect the steel back of the iPod from scratches. I can tell below the protector that it's still perfect.
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    Maybe it would help if the OP told us what device he has, since the advice varies accordingly.
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    I like using screen protectors on my iPhone due to the fact it helps protect the LCD screen from dirt/dust and even if you dropped it screen first. Heads up don't get the mirror screen protector, they are hard to keep clean and it leaves your hand prints all over.
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