Strange sync problem?

in iPhone edited January 2014
Hello all,

I've recently format my laptop without backing up iTunes, I've managed to get all of the apps back onto the laptop without affecting the device and I'm now putting the music and vids back.

The strange problem is that each time I sync my 3GS with iTunes 9 the order of the applications resets back to that in iTunes. In other words, any changes I make on the device are lost and resorts back to the order found within iTunes.

I can move the order of the apps and pages around in iTunes and this takes effect on my device, but not the other way round? It wasn't a problem with previous OS.

System Details

Previous : Windows 7 Beta (x64), iTunes 9, UK regional settings

Current : Windows 7 (x64), iTunes 9, UK regional settings.

Could this be in some way related to locale settings perhaps? (as in, date format different in OS / Device therefore doesn't recognise the device as having a newer configuration?) As you can tell I have no ideas, just a thought?


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