Confirmed! TV is addictiing...

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As is the Web, Computers, posting to AI and other activities that many people enjoy.

But I'm not addicted, I don't have to post on these forums. It's a choice. Just ignore my post count, that has nothing to do with any addiction I might have.

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    The *Great* AppleInsider Word Association Game is addicting!! <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    Y, I heard this one ages ago, except they claimed that it released dopamine in your brain.

    If you can quit without withdrawls its not addicting, and I have done so on many occasions for long periods, when traveling, or when off at our cottage with no computer("Giving up smoking is easy, Ive dont it thousands of times" - Mark Twain).
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    gustavgustav Posts: 826member
    I knew a guy who read books everywhere he went. While eating, in class, while walking down the street. I never saw him without his face in a book. It was amazing to see him walk down a path on the university campus, avoiding people, street lamps, turn corners, all with his face pressed firmly in a book.

    I think any behaviour can be "addicting". If it isn't hurting you or anyone else, then there's no problem.
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    ferroferro Posts: 453member
    I cant get enough media...

    wether from the tv or computer...

    I wish I had all of the channels... and super-broadband!

    If I had it my way the living room would be covered in monitors...

    remember "back to the future 3" I think it was, where one of the future alex's was watching six channels at once... audio and all...

    I would have at least 10 more splits on that screen... if I could afford it... not to mention to the left and the right... I would have the same setup...

    I wish there was a way to "plug-in" while I am sleeping...



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    When I was reading LoTR a month or so ago I got "hooked" on it. All I did with my free time was read.
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    gregggregg Posts: 261member
    I don't get grumpy if I don't watch TV, go online, or play video games. Now, if I don't have sex.... That's addicting!
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