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in Mac Software edited January 2014
I want to send e-mails to several people with basically the same content but slight changes with heading and some small details. When I save my e-mail as a draft, after I send it the Draft disappears. Is there a way to save the Draft as a template to reuse again and again? So far my workaround has been to just copy and paste in TextEdit. Any info much appreciated!


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    The email message you sent is in the 'Sent' folder. Select that 'Sent' message, click 'Forward', and change/adjust whatever you like (recipients, CC, BCC, and "slight changes with heading and some small details"). Then click "Send"...
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    Isn't there an automator task for mail merge? I saw some downloads for automator tasks for on the Apple website. I am sure someone should have put this in.


    Office and iWork have this functionality. Do you use any of those?
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