What good is a Mac mini-server?

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So i have a small business (me and and the odd subcontractor). I have a domain which i manage my email/website through. What are the advantages of hosting my own email? i already have web-access through my current host. What about doing my own web-hosting? i would have to get an upgraded account from my ISP i presume (at least a fixed IP). The mini-server says that it can host wikis and supports iphone integration. what is the reality of that?

What are the cool things i could do that would improve my (business) life? i have an iphone, a mac pro, macbook. what can i really do on my home network (and externally) that adds some value to me?

Any feedback/experiences with the mac mini-server in particular would be great!



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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    For small businesses I'm a huge fan of the cloud. Google Apps (or similar service) is probably more valuable and cost effective for you to use than a server of your own

    The only benefit I see is if you needed to run Apple specific apps on your private network
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