iPod waiting period!

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Anyone notice that there is a 10 day waiting period on the iPod at the Apple Store!?!

That brings us to Jan22. Y'all know what that means!!!!!!!!

and it can only be GOOD.



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    It's because they're shipping the damn things from Taiwan:

    My iPod's adventure:

    Reference Number : M8513LL/A

    Ship Date : 01/19/2002

    Delivered To :

    Delivery Location : ANCHORAGE AK

    Delivery Date/Time :

    Signed For By :

    Service Type : IP Direct Distribution

    Scan Activity Date/Time Scan Exceptions

    ------------- ---------------- ---------------

    Left FedEx Ramp TAOYUAN CITY TW 01/21/2002 20:26

    Left FedEx Ramp ANCHORAGE AK 01/21/2002 15:58

    Package status C.K.S. INTL AIRPORT TW 01/20/2002 17:46

    Left FedEx Origin Location TAIPEI TW 01/19/2002 15:17

    Pickup status TAIPEI TW 01/19/2002 13:34 Package received after FedEx cutoff time
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    <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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    Don't count on it. I ordered an iPod a week ago, when the ship time was also 10 days. It shipped (from Taiwan) 3 days later (it's a "time to ship" estimate, not a "time to delivery" estimate), and arrived 5 days after ordering.

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