VLC for OSX is dying

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Lack of Manpower May Kill VLC For Mac

The Video Lan dev team has recently come forward with a notice that the number of active developers for the project's MacOS X releases has dropped to zero, prompting a halt in the release schedule. There is now a disturbing possibility that support for Mac will be dropped as of 1.1.0. As the most versatile and user-friendly solution for bridging the video compatibility gap between OS X and windows, this will be a terrible loss for the Mac community. There is still hope, however, if the right volunteers come forward.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,202moderator
    That link says:

    "VLC for Mac death is "greatly exagerated"

    We have a kind of lack of manpower on the current Mac interface of VLC.

    The VLC core (in C) and most other plugins work pretty fine, but the OS X GUI (1% of the code of VLC) is not really maintained. It is in Objective-C.

    That explains the issues you have seen in latest version of VLC 1.0.x on mac, and the drop of 64bits version in 1.0.3"

    It's just the interface they need developed. Possibly all the options and sliders in the preferences but to be honest, they don't really need all those options.
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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,989member
    Quicktime + Perian = don't really need VLC.
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    Originally Posted by hill60 View Post

    Quicktime + Perian = don't really need VLC.

    Not true... there are still some codecs VLC can play that perian/QT cannot.

    Also... doesn't Handbrake rely on VLC libraries for it's ability to rip DVD's?
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