Party at my place: Thursday, Friday and Monday

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Ok, well, not my house. But, considering I work literally right next door to the Waldorf Astoria, I'll be close enough to watch the protestors beat drums and yell at the World Economic Forum.

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They even decided to close our building for Friday - the expected peak of the demonstrations. Dang I was gonna wear my fur coat that day (j/k I hate fur coats). Oh well, I'll live with a three day weekend - love those anarchists sometimes.

I'll bring my video camera on Thursday and Monday though - just in case it becomes seattleish. Which I doubt because the police are actually preparing for the protestors here.

However, I will not wear a ski mask.

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    Spit on the cops for me! Then punch yourself in the face and blame it on the facist racist pigs.
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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    The Fight Club approach eh? Thought about that.

    Or do want me to just punch myself in the face for the fun of it? hmmm.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    seb ya live next to the Astoria? *siiiigh* I wish I was back in NYC. Used to walk by the Astoria almost every day to go to school when I was a kid.

    love the city
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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    Nah, don't live next to it. Work right next to it. Commute in for about 45 minutes each way.
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    Those guys are anarchists?

    No seb, those men are cowards.

    . . .

    Socialists, even. :cool:
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    beerbeer Posts: 58member
    I can't even begin to fathom what could motivate someone to want to start trouble in New York at a time like this.

    I hope (and suspect) that anyone who tries to turn those protests violent will get exactly what they deserve from a populace and a police force that has worked very hard to rebuild and repair that wounded city.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Learn from the G8 Summit. If you shove a 4x4 beam of wood in a Land Rover full of cornered police officers, then approach with a big red tank of compressed gas, expect to be shot and run over.
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    I'd love to see New Yorkers turn a deaf ear to the bleets of a bunch of trouble making anachists.
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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    Actually, it's not just Anarchists. That's one of the 'interesting' (for lack of a better word) things about these protests. You get protesters from every group, from all over the world.

    There will be anarchists next to greenpeace next to feminists next to animal rights next to gay rights next to worker's rights next to pacifists.

    It's already crazy out here this morning. I had to show my company ID to about 5 cops just to get to the front of the building. Cops everywhere swinging their batons (for practice I guess). Saw a few with little submachine guns and bullet proof vests.

    It's already 'mayhemish' with (not even all of) half the equation here - the cops, that is. If their goal is to be intimidating, it's working. They seem a little confrontational.

    I've got a bad feeling that as soon as someone gets arrested for crossing the street wrong or littering things might get ugly. Hope not though.

    I wonder why they didn't just keep it in Switzerland?

    Wish I had a digital camera with me to take a few snaps for you guys. I'll probably bring my DV camera in tomorrow - just in case.
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