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in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Just remember, opening your machine past the "user serviceable" level will most likely violate your Apple product warranty and Apple Care extended warranty.

Also I would like to note that parts and especially screws need to go back in the exact spot where removed. SO DON'T POOL THE SCREWS. Plan your disassemble very carefully, using a white sheet to see dropped screws (very tiny), compartmentalized holders for each screw, tweezers and magnifying glasses. Also a detailed roadmap exactly what you did so you can retrace the steps in assembly process perfectly.

Review and follow anti-static guidelines, don't touch metal contacts or electrical components and do remove the power source, including the battery if possible.

Read the guides in advance first so you can plan your steps before taking action.

Once you begin, your committed, don't think you just can't take it in half disassembled for service.

Make sure you have a alternate way onto the internet to access help or parts if you need them.

When you do your own repairs, your on your own.

Spills on laptop keyboards require a special cleaning solvent, don't open a machine hoping you can just blot up the liquid. If a spill occurs, flip the computer over, remove the power and the removable battery (if possible) as soon as possible and let dry for a few days. Send it in for service. Average price is $600 for a spill clean. Might be better to just buy a new one.

Good luck and bump up.
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