Bootcamp error - segmented hard drive

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I have a problem with creating disk partition via Bootcamp Assistant.

when i try to run it i get an error message saying "soem files could not be moved" and the process of creation is aborted.

I have sufficient free space of 50GB, trying to create 32GB win XP partition.

Some freeware utils confirmed that my th data writtne on my HDD are very fragemented (and so is the freespace).

I'd like to create a compact data area (wich would result in creatin a compact free space area).

How to do it please?

so far i've found 2 ways:

1) Backup my HDD, reinstal OS , crate a fresh partition and than copy the backuped fiels back - unfortunalty i don't have a backup drive

2) use iDefrag (a payed 3rd party utility) - unfortunalty this one has very limited usage on mounted disk, and so it has a little/no efect on my hard drive fom which i boot the system, and i don't have a second drive to boot from

what to do? is there any other solution how to reorganzie my data please?


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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    if you don't have a lot of data you could back it up to the internet. Many cloud sites will give you a trial period.

    Otherwise, invest in an external HD. They're cheap and you can start using Time Machine
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