Splitting a .cue file

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Hey guys, anyone know what to use in os x to have a .cue file split up into components, from a .flac or .ape image (and converted consequently to alac)?

I 've been using a few apps but none with good results:

max sees the cue file, the names of the separate tracks, and splits it up, but no matter how I try to tweak the settings it won't output the filenames (song, artist etc.) on the split track title. Come to think of it I can then use the output files and have them "converted" to output the correct filename (let me just try that then?. Ok, just tried it, won't work, I choose a custom filename type but it won't output it?very strange?.)

I 've used another audio converted, switch, it looks like a real nice app, lots of options, but somehow I can't get it to even understand .cue files, see them that is for the component tracks.

xACT, finally, where there's a splitting utility in there but I can't get it to work?



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