Like Junkyard wars and/or BattleBots?

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    Then you'll love this: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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    Yea I just saw that at /.

    We'll have to see. I doubt they will do "battle". Rather they will have an off road type of course to race on. Be ready for anything.
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    I hope the battle each other. Then what does 'combat' mean? Anyway, it's too soon to tell.
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    This show will be great. I myself am building a battlebot, slowly but surely. I like the quote:


    We will be giving you enough money to build a no-frills vehicle, but if you want to spend more, we won't try and stop you. You may even enlist extra help with the engineering, although only three of you will travel to the competition.


    Ye who spends is ye who wins.
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    It would be cool if they allowed corporate sponsors. I'd like to see what a $12M Boeing made super vehicle looks like
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