Loginwindow running in dock...

in macOS edited January 2014
Not sure what I managed to do yesterday. I was trying to pull in video from a Canon FS200 camcorder (which needs iLife08 and I only have iLife06 so no success) and up popped a "update to Safari 4.0.4" notice. I clicked "OK", it installed and restarted. THEN on restart, I noticed that a "loginwindow" bar was over my login screen. I logged in and found a "loginwindow" icon in the Dock with a black arrow next to it (that means it's running right?). No matter what I do (restart, shut down, click on loginwindow icon and pick "quit") nothing seems to make it go away. Can someone help a guy who can spell "script" and "console" but has never had the desire to look much closer? I am on a PowerBook G4. Thanks.
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