iPhone lost sound for apps - Need help!

in iPhone edited January 2014
My iphone sound for apps is gone caput.

I tried installing the new firmware update and resetting the master reset, without any luck. My iphone booms music seamlessly on any player on iphone speaker player or with headsets, but never on its own. I am also able to play calls and voice memo app on speaker mode. So I can never listen to videos, podcasts, youtube or volume based apps without hitchhiking.

The phone keeps popping up these notices "This device is not made to play with this iphone".


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    njsnjs Posts: 1member
    Ah. Your phone things its connect to a incompatible headset or speaker.

    This might work. Try cleaning the leads inside the connector with a folded paper towel. you could very lightly moisten the paper towel with windex.
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