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I have the most recent version of the Tom Tom app on my iPhone.

I was under the assumption that it would speak the city and street names.

I get all the other announcement like turn left, turn right etc.etc. but no street names.

Am I overlooking something.

Could not find anything in the settings for this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    It's the same thing with my TomTom standalone gizmo (for on the dash). And I'm betting that's applying the exact same software and database(s). So I think you won't get spoken city and street names.

    However, street names are visible/readable on-screen. And considering the speed with which I drive I wouldn't even want those street names spoken out loud! It would never stop yacking! Together with my wife sitting next to me trying to overshout the TomTom that would be hell!!!
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    I just found the manual for the software on line.

    You must use a computer voice in the voice settings.

    Here is the answer, in case you wan to try it:

    The TomTom app makes use of text-to-speech technology to generate computer voices. They provide spoken instructions while you are driving and can pronounce street names and status messages.

    A text-to-speech program converts written text, for example an instruction like ?Turn right?, into the sound of a human voice.

    The text-to-speech program looks at the whole sentence to make sure that the sound you hear is as close to the real thing as possible. The program is also able to recognize and quite accurately pronounce foreign place and street names. For example, the English voice can read French street names.

    Note: Computer voices are not available in all regions or for all languages.

    If you select a human voice, this can give instructions but is not able to read street names aloud. If you would like street names to be included with instruc- tions, you need to select a computer voice.

    ? Human voices These are recorded by an actor.

    When you select a voice, a sample of that voice is played.

    You can select a voice in any language. The language used for menus and but- tons does not change if you select a voice in a different language.
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