Help using GMail to retrieve mail from several email addresses

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I am in the process of switching to GMail and trying to sort out how to configure things how I would like.

I've got 3 GMail and one work email address that I have successfully set up to be retrieved by my main GMail account. I've associated each email address with its own label.

If I understand things correctly, when an email arrives for one of these accounts, I can either view it the Inbox or in the label/folder associated with that account. If, in Settings=>Accounts & Import I set up the POP account to "skip inbox", it will only show up in its associated Label/Folder.

While the above more or less works for me, I was wondering if there's a way to have separate Inboxes for each account - distinct from the Labels/Folders.

What I'd like to do is use the labels for emails I want to save (like "Receipts", "Travel Info", etc). Having the labels also serve as Inboxes for the separate accounts is a tad confusing.

So, is there any way to configure GMail such that it looks like this:

Inbox 1

Inbox 2

Inbox 3

Inbox 4



All Mail




Label 1

Label 2

Label 3


I've installed the "multiple inboxes" feature from Google Labs, but I can't find an explanation anywhere of how that works.

Thanks in advance for anyone who cares to tackle this...
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