Casting Call: Enron The Movie

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Lay, the Gramms, Fastow, the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches. Characters will unfold over the next few months. Who'll play these people? I like Tim Matheson for Enron auditor Dave Duncan. That taking the Fifth photo just brings "Animal House" to mind.


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    the only way to sell this idea is to target the "Dawson's Creek" demographic:

    80% of the characters in the real life version are male .

    that will have to change. now it will be 60% female cast.

    100% of the real-life players are old. screw that ! no actress that has ever played the roll of an adult should even be considered for this.

    14-40 is the maximum age range of all the actors.

    there will be lot's of smart suits, high heels, expesive underwear, fast cars and catchy phrases.

    someone start raising the money. i'm getting a good feeling about this.

    i'll have my people contact your people.
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