Apple! Buy OnLive NOW

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Apple should definitely buy this company! OnLive is a cloud-breakthrough!!!

Take a look at:

Poster "Great service" writes the following on 9to5Mac: "If Apple bought this, it should integrate the service to Therefore, all the Mac laptop owners, iMac owners, AppleTV owners and even Windows users could pay the subscription and use the service. No more console wars and would even kill X-Box Live platform. really needs a serious attraction/service for millions of iPod/iPhone/AppleTV/Mac/iTunes users to even consider it"

I couldn´t agree more! Apple should buy OnLive NOW! Unless they have a better "gameplan" coming


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,808moderator
    I'm not sure if buying it would work because they'd probably have to then cover all the costs such as the server-side hardware (which won't be Macs - at least not running Mac OS X anyway). Right now, it's gaming/media industry heavyweights that are partnering up with them to push it forward. I imagine a lot of them now own significant parts of the company.

    I notice that NVidia is in there and not AMD/ATI. That's interesting because AMD/ATI tech is used for a competing service called OTOY:

    I agree that if this tech was integrated with MobileMe, it would be a very compelling reason to use the service and I would sign up to it. Currently, I don't have any need for MobileMe. It could take out the console market in one go. To begin with, they'd be left with the exclusives but just like the iphone platform, once developers saw the audience they could reach, they'd try it out.

    I can see this tech being the next big thing in content delivery. Some people say that the trend of GPUs getting more powerful and mobile will keep gaming client-side but it's not about performance/quality. It's about convenience. I don't want to have to waste time installing every demo or pay £40 for every brand new DRM-ridden game. I want to be able to see an ad for a new game and start playing it just like a Youtube video and this service can do that. I'd also rather pay for the hours I play a game like £2 per hour. If I get bored of a game after 10 hours (say 5 days), it's only cost me £10 not £40.

    I can try out as many games as I want. I can play a different game every day if I want. I can play effortlessly with other people online. I can jump from one computer/platform to another and keep my save games. I can play the highest-end games without worrying about system spec or fan noise while playing. I can't wait until we see this tech starting to roll out in 2010.
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