Computer won't start up in SL - power management chip issues?

in macOS edited January 2014
My MacBook Pro 15", which is about 6 months old, has had power management problems the last several days. Generally, like most Mac users, I don't shut it down every day-- I leave it sleeping most of the time. But lately, the computer won't wake up, and I have to play with the power button a little before finally managing to bring the computer out of 'safe sleep'-- the same as what happens when the battery has died.

Today, I tried this and could not get the computer to wake up or turn on at all.

1) I'm thinking this could be due to a problem with the power management chip. What do others think?

2) I had been keeping the laptop in a cold room this winter-- probably down to 50 degrees. Could this be affecting the computer (or especially battery)? I do keep it plugged in as well.


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