PowerBook 15" G4 with LCD Display (HDMI)

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Hey Everyone,

So I searched the forums, but couldn't seem to find a full answer to this question. I have had my PowerBook for almost 5 years, and I'll be replacing it later this year with a new MacBook Pro. Until then, I want to add an LCD display for watching movies etc. I also want this new monitor to function with my digital cable box...

What I'm wondering is...what components do I need to purchase to make this work? I want an HDMI monitor, but I think this is incompatible with my DVI output on the PB? If it is compatible, how can I do this? Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!



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    You can get a DVI-HDMI cable... it will work fine, but doesn't carry sound... so you'll need a separate cord from the headphone out of the G4 to the TV (most new TV's have an HDMI input with an associated audio jack input.)

    I've had my 15"G4 hooked up to a 46" TV that way.
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    To give a little more detail: HDMI is a superset of DVI, so anything that can drive a DVI display can drive a HDMI display with a cheap adapter (all it is doing is changing the pinouts). As KingOfSomewhereHot said this does not get you sound (nor some of the other features of HDMI like copy protection), but it does make things easy with those two.

    Note: DisplayPort is a whole different protocol, and is not based on DVI. But nicely all of Apple's computers can drive DVI/HDMI, even if the port is shaped as mini-DisplayPort (since the hardware behind the port can speak DVI/HDMI as well as DisplayPort... but sometimes minus the sound).
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    Awesome. Thanks so much everyone.
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