Is the tablet an interim device that will be useful for no more than four years?

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This is a thread about the iPhone.

The press comment about the tablet has had one recurring narrative to it:
  1. The PC/laptop is not the most intuitive way to view content

  2. The TV is not portable

  3. The iPhone is too small and so is also not going to unseat the PC or TV screen as a content viewer simply because it makes content viewing portable

  4. The tablet is the happy inbetween machine that will create a new market for content that can be viewed on the go and often at home as well

That may be so now but surely the future vision for the iPhone (and its competitors) would make tablet devices redundant.
  1. When the projector technology is good enough and small enough to allow you to display content from your iPhone in wide screen format on the wall (or a roll down screen)

  2. When content delivery platforms merge such that you no longer need a cell phone licence, an internet connection contract and cable/satellite tv contract but rather all content (TV, calls, internet access, AVOD) is available over one distribution channel and under one contract with the provider.

  3. When the mobile phone OS is as robust as a PC OS (for 80% of users)

Why would you need a tablet, or a tv, or even a PC?

You would just need an iPhone like device and something to project onto. This might be a wall at home, or a special projection screen that replaces the expensive video display on your desk, or for instance, when you are on a plane, a piece of white paper to project onto in front of you (and some blue tac to stick it to the back of the tray table!). You might also want a portable key board for heavy duty typing, but certainly not a laptop.

Am I missing something or is the technology industry missing something? Doubtless it's the former but I don't know what I am missing so I thought I would ask the experts, hence this post.
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