Go Daddy and iWeb?

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I recently purchased a Web Site Tonight hosting/web site package from Go Daddy, but I have decided that I don't like any of their site templates and I want to simply upload a site I created in iWeb. I went to the help section on Go Daddy, which gave pretty clear instructions on how to upload an iWeb '09 file. Sounds pretty simple...but every time I "test connection" on the ftp sever settings, it tells me that a connection could not be established. I even went so far as to reset my password on the domain (just in case I was typing it wrong or remembering it wrong). I have no idea what to even try now. Any ideas???


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,430moderator
    Try downloading CyberDuck:


    Then enter your connection details and connect. In iWeb, do a 'save as' into a folder to give you your HTML files and drop them onto your server using CyberDuck. Your entry page or home page should be called index.html and it goes into the root folder of your host.
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    Marvin, I appreciate the help. I actually contacted Go Daddy, and it turns out that WebSite Tonight does not support ftp uploads. If you are looking to do ftp uploads, you need to have a hosting account, not a WebSite Tonight account. They have taken steps to correct my problem.
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