Snow Leopard Time machine backup problems

in macOS edited January 2014
I have a LaCie external drive ( latest firmware).

I use Time machine to make take backups.

I use Snow Leopard latest version.

Am up to date on all software changes

Time machine has always been a bit flakey.

Under Leopard I had to delete and rebuild the backup disk approx monthly.

Now I have Snow Leopard and Time Machine has worked flawlessly for a couple of months.

However I have a problem now I have not seen before.

The backup will not work and the message I get says its because the disk is Read Only.

I have not changed anything.

Looking with Finder Get Info the Disk is indeed Read Only for everyone but read and write for the system.

Not sure what this means but assume its bad.


Is there a way to change the privileges to read write ?? or do I have to backup from scratch.

Is anyone else getting similar problems ??
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