DVD Players Under $100

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The <a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/07/technology/circuits/07STAT.html"; target="_blank">NY Times looks at three</a>.

IMO a DVD player is the best value for your entertainment dollar by far.


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    The quality difference between a $99 player (I didn't see this article, but I assume they're talking about Chinese and Korean models like the Apex) and a $129 entry-level player by Toshiba or Panasonic, is so enormous that the $30 difference ain't worth the risk.

    Soon of course you'll be able to get a name-brand DVD player for $79 or so...
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    I bought a $78 apex (no progressive, but it did have coax dig out) and am quite happy with it. Since I don't have HDTV or even one with s-video input and my stereo system doesn't have digital input I just wanted one that played DVDs period. Works fine. Even plays DVDs burned on a superdrive and can be hacked to remove region codes and macrovision.
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    glurxglurx Posts: 1,031member
    The Apex 600a came with a <a href="http://www.nerd-out.com/apexold/Secret_Menu/secret_menu.html"; target="_blank">secret menu</a>. No hacking required.
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