2010 iPhone - Wish List

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I'm trying to compile a reasonable list of features for the new iPhone. This is a list more about overdue features or needed upgrades.

1. Dual-Core Processor

Theoretically a DC should use less power and be faster than the 3GS. There's nothing wrong with the 3GS processor per say, it's mighty fast. But less voltage means less heat and more battery life, something the 3GS is not the best at.

2. 5MP camera w/ flash. One thing that could really change the game for this phone is a good camera. The 3MP camera was a nice upgrade... but they can do a lot better here. There's been phone's with 5MP cameras for a while now, there's no reason Apple can't do this. If you've ever looked at a picture on the iPhone, sure it looks good there but that's because it's a low resolution display. Take it to your computer and you immediately start to notice the flaws of the iPhone camera. Low-light photography is still an issue, unless your subjects are perfectly still you're going to get a ton of blurring because the camera has to lower the shutter too low to get the right exposure. I love my 12MP Digital SLR... but if I'm going out with some friends, sometimes I'd rather have something smaller and more compact.

3. Capacity, capacity, capacity. My 16GB has been full for almost 2 years, I need more space guys. Sure 32GB is nice... but I think most music lovers can fill that up pretty quickly at 256k. I bought my iPhone to be an iPod replacement... a 120GB capacity like the iPod classic would be great, but 64GB is a nice start. The iPhone is supposed to be an all-in-one... so make it just that.

4. I need flash. I'm tried of wondering if a website is iPhone optimized or not. If they encoded video at h.264. I'm glad you guys have had success with your new codec. But Flash is still the norm for internet streaming. It's normally an Apple thing to not support any software or hardware until it truly becomes the norm. Well Flashplayer has been the norm for a longggg time. So how about you get on the boat and add support. I know there's control issues, but jesus talk to Adobe and work around it. As popular as h.264 is... I don't see it overtaking flash. Maybe both can co-exist. I know you want tight control over your software... and in alot of cases I believe it's better for the consumer. I'm happy you created your own Push system, instead of allowing 3rd party software designers to create background tasks. But we're talking about Adobe here, not a random group of software developers... I think we can throw them a little trust consider just how long they've been in the business.

That's my list... feel free to add things you think I've left out.


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    Aside from maybe an improved camera and more powerful CPU I would quite like a front facing camera for skype calls. How likely is this do you all think?
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    Multiple ActiveSync accounts OR Google syncing (contacts / calendar)
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,547member
    My wish-list is short and sweet:

    1. OLED display. I have been asking for this since January 2008.

    2. Camera Flash. For you know, taking pictures in anything other than sunlight.

    Everything else is a bonus, my wishes are in order of importance. And for the record: I think video calls are a gimmick. Video conferencing is not necessarily the same thing and suits computers 100X more.
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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    Originally Posted by realmike15 View Post

    1. Dual-Core Processor

    Theoretically a DC should use less power and be faster than the 3GS.

    So, if you keep adding cores, you eventually end up with a perpetuum mobile?


    As popular as h.264 is... I don't see it overtaking flash.

    That would make more sense if H.264 weren't a common codec in Flash.
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