Unemployment Benefits Extension?

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Got this from a friend who got it from their newspaper...

" On page 4 of the Lexington Herald Leader (Our Paper) it says that the US Senate passes yesterday a bill that would allow an extra 13 weeks of unemployment. It also states that the House and President Bush both intend to sign it into law."

I hadn't heard, seen or read anything about this.

I had unemployment benefits last year for 6 months (that the full amount one can get) and it helped then because there was nothing at all job wise for me. When it ran out I was a little worried. I started doing any freelance I could get and hoped some more secure job would come my way. Nothing yet. But hopefully more freelance may be coming. But it might entail some traveling...

So, should I take it if Bush signs it? I could still do some freelancing on the side. Or just forget another handout and stick with freelancing and looking for a good full time job. Anybody else in this situation?


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    Not to rub it in but I have 3 job offers. We'll one in hand, one in the mail and I expect the last one soon. There's only two that I'm interested in and I can't figure out which I'd rather have. The one in hand blew my away on salary. Never never ever ever answer the question "What salary range are you looking for?"

    anyway sorry back on topic

    I know Bush was looking to sign that. It was part of the "Stimulus" (aka pork) package. But that died. Rightly so. So maybe they did do it?

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    I haven't heard anything about Bush signing this. I guess it isn't newsworthy...

    That's great news Scott H. I have had a few leads from one recruiter. But the three he told me about were in Houston, San Francisco (both part time and these "Fortune 500" companies would pay for travel and board) or one in New York City for four weeks (no expenses paid)...he has to submit my resume and I'll hear if any would be interested in interviewing me for the jobs.

    I'd say that the first two would be an experience in itself. Flying out there and all. The New York one is more of a familiar commuting situation I've had before.

    But as I said, nothing concrete. Philadelphia seems to be in a complete coma for graphic design or web design jobs. The ones I see are all out in the suburbs or Amish country. I really don't want to go for these because:

    1. I don't have a car and public transportation is limited (if any) out in the 'burbs.

    2. I don't want to live in the suburbs...cultural deadzones...

    3. I love the city!

    But if I had to...and the situation doesn't seem to be changing here...I guess I will have to sacrifice a lot to try those jobs out.

    Or take the benefits for two and a half months more... <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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    I really do wish ye well wi' the employment situation - no' least because I am in a similar position. I, however, brocht maist o' my troubles on my own heid after giving up a no' bad career in graphic design tae become a roadsweeper, then ths, then that, etc. In the closing chapters o' this maist tragic comedy o' errors I find mysel' Quixotishly trying tae stave o' the monstrous regiment o' debt collectors wi' a paint brush or twa, putting my humble acrylic and oils intae a local gallery in the hope that some highly eccentric philanthropic millionaire o' Gatesian proportions will oblige.
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