It's the middle of winter and it's almost 65 degrees here in PDX!!

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    two weeks ago it was 75 degrees and the next day 70. today it is about 65 and its been pretty nice between except one day of snow.

    This is in Pittsburgh!!!!!!! its supposed to blanketed in snow and blustery and grey!!!

    But we all know the reason........

    but wait..... there is still one oil-co-payrolled scientist that has his 'doubts'.... one among thousands and thousands (if there is even one left...I don't know) "global warming isn't real"

    And Bush is repealing some of the clean air act under the cover of his popularity.

    That 'Axis of Evil' sure comes in handy hunh?!?!

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    It's been 75 and sunny the past week here. Then again, it's always 75 and sunny in Santa Barbara
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    Well it's gonna be in the upper 50s here in C-Town tomorrow and it looks like I'm playing 9 holes.
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