iPod Shuffle (3rd Gen) keeps skipping tracks/vol issues

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So I got a new Shuffle for Xmas from the inlaws and within 2 weeks it starts with these problems:

- Voiceover starts listing the current track name, then back to "all songs- audiobooks- podcasts"

-The volume buttons don't work about 20-30 minutes into my runs.

-The volume is low and won't go higher.

It's a PITA when I'm running and I have to start messing w/ the controls on my headset. It's almost like headset controls start malfunctioning when I sweat.

How can you make a Shuffle that can't handle sweat?

Does anyone else have these issues?


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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    I don't personally own a Shuffle, but I've heard tell of these problems-- and yes, it appears that sweat gets into the headphone jack, or the inline volume control, or both, whereupon things get janky.

    If the problem is replicable, take it back and get a new one (although some people seem to just run through these things pretty rapidly, so there's probably a design problem). You might consider just getting the money back if you can, and picking up a used previous generation Shuffle, which is well nigh indestructible in my experience.

    If the Apple people tell you that you broke it because it's been exposed to water, just google "iPod Shuffle sweat" for about a million stories the same as yours.
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    Hey guy, just to let you know, if you update your shuffle the volume boost will stop. If you wish to continue using this product i suggest using a workaround to wrap the controller, and when/if you wish to return something you should just request a new headset.
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