2002 Winter Olympic Games @ Salt Lake City, USA

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Opening ceremonies tonight @ 8PM. I can't wait. I love the olympics and primarily the winter olympics. Today marks the starting day of 2 weeks straight of watching television Wish I could be there in person. Luckily I have the week after next off so I can watch the daytime stuff.

Any of you as interested in the winter olympics as I? I have been hooked ever since Lillehammer '94. Everything about that was perfect (T. harding excluded). Nagano 98 was cool as well.

Let's just hope Salt lake City does a better job than Atlanta. Atlanta was disgraceful.


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    What's up with the 3 mascots? Couldn't decide which to go with?
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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    I wish they had big air skiing and snowboarding comps. Though the skeleton looks sick.

    And untill the Summer Olympics get downhill mountain biking, its Winter all the way, beats the crap out of watching sweaty guys run around a track.

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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    the opening ceremonies went way beyond my expectations. very impressive IMO and classy.

    Finally showed american culture and heritage instead of being a commercial pop showcase.

    commercial breaks were too common though.
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    It's official!!!

    Katie Couric is a leprechaun.

    Tricky bastards.


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    [quote]Originally posted by applenut:

    <strong>Finally showed american culture and heritage instead of being a commercial pop showcase.


    You mean that touching tribute to small pox, forced relocation, and "manifest desinty"? Exit all Native Americans...enter pioneers, settlers, and the US Army!

    And what about the Hawaiians? Damnit, we always get left out...

    Now those paper animals--bear, bison, fish, etc.--THAT was cool!

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Well, no level of atonement will reverse past wrongs, but that shouldn't overshadow the present as much as it does.

    IMO, most opening ceremonies are over-the-top and trying to one-up the masterfully done Barcelona ceremonies. That's on the verge of impossible. Australia was nice, but nowhere near close.

    It's mostly copy-cat stuff now, with the ghostly puppets, waving cloth, spiritual stuff...all copying Barcelona.

    Highlights were Yo-Yo Ma and Sting, the Native American interlude, John Williams, the raising of the Olympic Flag, etc.

    I especially dug how the brass players were using plastic mouthpieces...so they wouldn't have their lips freeze to them...The gift bearing was really cool. I wondered why there was a stream of water flowing down the cauldron...water cooling? Looks like the cauldron is partially made of glass...

    Also very cool was that minute long Nike commercial.

    EDIT: Another Highlight: BOB COSTAS...HE IS GOD.

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    hegorhegor Posts: 160member
    Someone, anyone, please kill Bob Costas.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Oi, another thread invaded by Costas focus. This guy isn't worth the attention either way. I wasn't so impressed by the Sting thing, and frnkly John williams is a broken record. Well, he did discover that short choral sound spike thing from Philip Glass, filtered through God-awful Wagner recently, but other than that his work doesn't excite me any more (though AI's score was amusing in some ways too). Most of the ceremonies were nicely done, not too much Brittney or boy bands, not too much sentimentality or dwelling on the misery of 9-11.

    And, yeah, Barcelona in almost every respect is still the Olympics to beat.
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