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In an earlier post or posts, I asked fervently for the ability to select only those Forums that I am interested in. I find it increasingly disconcerting to have to hunt through a myriad of Forums that I am NOT interested in. Since AI programming is able to tell me when I last visited the site and which posts I have read. I find it difficult to believe that the "selection' of what I want to read is that hard to accomplish.

I don't even hear, from the powers that be, a denial or refutation that that 'selection' process is in the cards or possible.

Hello, hello, is thing on? Talk to me. Let me know that you can't care less what your loyal AI members want, no, need. Let me know if you even read my post here in "Feedback." Does feedback automatically get sent to the dumpster without ever being read by those to whom it's addressed.

"Will no one rid me of this turbulent" non-selection system and the myriad of unwanted forums?

I WANT to read ONLY computer related issues. I DON't WANT to read about iPods, iTunes, AppleTV, iPhone, AppleOutsider, and such. Please, can't someone up in the Ivory Tower hear my plea.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,803moderator
    The forum runs on standard vBulletin software unlike say a custom-built website where changes are easy to make and all the controls and functions are maintained by the vBulletin developers. I don't think the feature you want is built in so it would have to be developed specifically.

    There would have to be per-user settings as to preferred forum sections (which requires a database table) and then 2 plugins. One to modify the user preferences to allow preferred sections to be chosen and then a plugin that overrides the recent search to only list results from those preferences.

    It's more work than it's worth. I skip over a couple of sections too but still use the recent posts function and just scan the topics for interesting ones. If you only have an interest in maybe 3 forum sections, it might be best to have bookmarks for those sections and then just open the 3 of them in tabs and pick out the topics.
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    ivan.rnn01ivan.rnn01 Posts: 1,822member
    Visit forums which you'd like to read and select


    Forum Tools (top right corner) > Subscribe

    Confirm (don't forget to select "No reminder messages" if you don't want reminders)

    Then on the main forum page select


    Quick Links > User Control Panel

    Your favorite forums (and only those) are now shown in the box "Subscribed Forums" (subscription to threads is also possible)
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