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Just some thoughts on the new event announcement. I'm thinking Apple is looking to release a new piece of art software to compete on the low end and another to compete on the high end.

Lets think about this for a minute. Apple puts a lot of software focus on art and content creation. They have iMovie and FCP for the video side, Garage Band and Logic for the audio side, iPhoto and Aperture for the photography side. But what do they offer for drawing and art creation?

What better way to present such software then with a piece of hardware that can take full advantage of the software. A tablet with stylus support.

Add to that Apple releasing an art kit of various stylus types (wedge tip, chisel point, fine point and so on). We already know Apple is ok with the stylus idea, yesterday when I bought my new iPhone I had to sign the stores iphone with a little stylus.

Apple has been skating around Adobe for a number of years now, they would definitely be up to inventing a new piece of art software that used core image and the power of a graphics card and touch input as it's main form of control.

Just some thoughts. Build on it or disagree if you like.


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    shivashiva Posts: 13member
    I certainly hope you are on the right track. I have very few posts (long time lurker) but I am usually motivated to reply when tablet naysayers start asking what purpose a tablet would serve. ( usually stating something along the lines that since THEY have no use for it, no one else should) For my own money, I would love to see (among the ebook/magazine/tv to go functions) a "digital moleskine" for sketches, notes, thumbnails, layout etc. I'm sure apple could whip up some drawing/painting/photo editing software for content creation, as well as "keynote light" or something for presentation. I'm waiting on the (rumored) tablet to make a choice between it and a modbook, for the features I've stated above. If a tablet device does come out, based on the invitation, I would fully expect it to have some type of visual arts creation abilities.
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    applepiapplepi Posts: 365member
    Yeah I can't see apple releasing a tablet without stylus support. The more I think about it too, the more I think they might have an option to buy one on contact with a wireless company. My logic is that most people complain about apples prices, this is a way to bring that upfront price down. After all they have been really successful with the iPhone, the may want to try and repeat that success with a totally new type of computer platform. Something somewhere between a laptop and iPhone. A tablet with stylus support and possibly optional wireless contract would definitely be that.
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