Right click not "clicky" at far right: Magic Mouse faulty?

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It's basically like this: I can right click. However, if I try to right click within 2/3 from the right side, the shell button moves down, but it doesn't actually trigger the button underneath unless I press fairly hard after the top shell is already pressed down all the way. It probably sounds really nitpicky, but it's extremely irritating to keep on trying to press the button and not have it work.


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    Time for a return/exchange.

    There's only one mechanical button under there... it senses your finger position to determine whether to call it "right" or "left". So the button works, but it kinda sounds like something's not lined up correctly internally ... I would think an Apple Store would exchange it without argument if the problem is demonstrate-able.
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    I have same symptoms with new Magic Mouse I bought yesterday... I will be taking it back as I cannot work with it as it is which is a shame because I so wanted this to be the perfect mouse...

    Perhaps there is a faulty batch ? I will check at store but if others are the same I will be asking for refund. Sorry Apple !
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    Just bought one for first time today. Same exact problem. Far top right area of mouse is not clicking, or 'clicky'.

    I loved everything else about it, but for $69 this is a big enough problem to return it. I am not willing to force my hand to retrain right clicks into a smaller area.
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    wplj42wplj42 Posts: 439member
    Does this mean Apple is 0 for 2 with recent mouse offerings? The old Mighty Mouse is junk. Funny, my keyboard has never been a problem. Whew!
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    I wasn't loving the mouse when I first got it. But I got magicPrefs utility and it helped tweak it all to how I wanted it.

    I think there's a few utilities out there but that one worked pretty well.
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