Pessamistic about new MBP's next week

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With all this talk about the tablet and iPhone 4.0 I'm beginning to think we won't see new Macbook Pros next week. Grr.


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    Maybe not. But it's hard to say. Since the invite refers directly to just the new product. Clouded, the future is.
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    I will be really sad if new MBPs aren't announced come January 27th. I can literally hear my laptop failing by the hour (the fan is breaking down) and new MBPs soon would be perfect timing.
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    I just hate my dell, and I can't justify replacing it with another core2duo machine (especially not at Apple's price). I'm just afraid that with all the focus on the (stupid) tablet, there won't be room to announce new MBPs.
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    Announce? Perhaps not, but that doesn't mean we wont see updates. If there is no change other than internal specs, Apple may not mention them in the Stevenote. I mean, the Macbook plastic unibody, iMac and Mac Mini updates and Magic Mouse didn't get any Stevenote, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that, if Apple was just going to...

    -Update processors

    -Up base memory

    -Add the dedicated graphics card to the 13"

    -Other sort of internal tweaking

    ...that they would just make it a quiet update so they can focus on the tablet. Also, there is the possibility that the tablet will have something to do with Macs, so they could be discussed then.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,430moderator
    The performance improvements are too good for them to be overlooked:

    That brings it to the same level as some of the older quad Mac Pros.

    I'd expect dedicated GPUs to be paired with them.

    Bear in mind the rumor about the 'latest creation' simply being an announcement and shipping much later. If that turns out to be true then they have to update some products or the event will have been a bit of a waste of effort as no sales will be directly generated as a result.
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    I'm not buying a new macbook pro unless it has an i7 620 core. And with the integrated graphics problem it's going to have to be some real announcement. Maybe they'll be 'one more thing'.
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