Lets talk tablet prices

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I'm a little curious where everyone is getting this $999 number. That seems awfully high.

This isn't a phone, it doesn't need a phone radio or GPS built in. It doesn't need a proximity sensor. It doesn't even need a multi-megapixel still camera, just a simple front facing isight will do.

Apple currently sells the unibody macbook for $999. It features a core2duo, 9400M, keyboard, glass trackpad, 13" LED LCD screen, big battery, superdrive, 2GB DDR3, 250GB HD, wifi n, bluetooth, IR sensor, a decent sized power brick and cord and a slew of other jacks.

Yet people here seem to be convinced this oversized ipod-like tablet with less functionality then a full blown laptop will be the same price. However everyone seems to believe it will also feature a slower ARM processor, less ram, no keyboard, no glass trackpad, smaller screen size, no superdrive, no IR sensor, no slew of jacks and no physical keyboard.

I guess my big question is, how much to you think this 10" touchscreen is going to cost?!!! Because aside from solid state memory, that seems to be the only other element this thing will have that would drive the price up a little bit.

But lets look at current netbooks on the market. Typically $300-400. Take away their keyboard, swap out their screen for a touch screen, swap out their Atom chip for an Arm chip, add some Apple tax and you could still be in the ballpark of $500.

Lets be honest, most of whatever it is that would make this tablet revolutionary is going to be in the software and the partnerships that are setup. The hardware doesn't need to feature laptop-like power or ipod pocketability. I think when we all actually see the hardware it will look slick, but on the inside there won't be anything all that new or pricey.

Not to mention that I'm sure with Apple launching a new product category, they aren't going to want to put it into that out of reach price range. If people are going to buy such a thing it's going to need to be at a price point that makes sense. $1000 doesn't make sense for something less powerful and functional then a macbook at the same price.

I think at the very high end you're looking at $799. But I have feeling Apple is going to want to get this as close to the $500 mark as possible. Because I think that's the magic number where more people will make the jump. Remember that something like this is bound to be competing with e-readers and netbooks. So you have to ask yourself how much people are willing to pay for browsing the web with their fingers, using oversized ipod apps and reading e-books. I just don't think $1000 is something most people would spend for such functionality.


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    carniphagecarniphage Posts: 1,984member
    Originally Posted by ApplePi View Post

    I'm a little curious where everyone is getting this $999 number. That seems awfully high.

    I agree. If this were a professional device, it would justify a higher price point.

    But evidence is pointing to a much more consumer oriented media device, pitched against Kindles, Game Consoles, Netbooks and so on.

    I think the price will be surprisingly low.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,431moderator
    Originally Posted by Carniphage View Post

    I think the price will be surprisingly low.

    I think it will be surprisingly low for people who expect it be highly priced. By definition you'd have to expect a high price otherwise there's no surprise.

    I personally expect the lowest possible price to be the $399 they charge for the ipod touch and still make a profit but will likely start at $499-599. That price to me isn't surprisingly low though because it's still way more expensive than a netbook.

    The absolute lowest price for a netbook is about $250 and I'd be surprised at a $299 price for Apple's device (pleasantly surprised).
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,743member
    The tablet will be expensive. It will not be a large iPod touch, bur rather a touchscreen Mac which runs OS X touch. It will most likely not have an OLED display, in part simply to disappoint me.
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    carniphagecarniphage Posts: 1,984member
    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Mac touch or I'll eat my hat.

    Will you post a hat-eating video on YouTube?

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    Expensive is a relative term. However, if Apple wants to sell these like hot cakes, a lower price is ideal. $999 is too much for what will most likely seem (to many) an underpowered laptop with no keyboard, even if it does change the way we use computers. Apple will price it better than that. I am betting between $500 and $700.
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