Advice in what to buy: iPod touch/iPhone

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I?m having trouble deciding what should I buy, so I need some advice.

I have a budget of max. 500E. Therefore I must choose between:

1. a new iPod touch 8gb (cheaper, but older from a hardware point of view)


- cheaper

- the warranty


- 8gb

- the hardware is to old (I think from ?08)

2. a new iPod touch 32gb (more expensive, but in the 400E limit)


- 32 gb

- the warranty


- at this point financial point, I can think of a iPhone

3. a used iPhone 3G (around 400E; the new 3GS is not an option, due to the 2 years contract and a used 3GS it?s around 500E)


- the camera and the phone


- it?s 3G (so also from ?08)

- it?s used, so I don?t have the warranty

What I intend to use it for (not in a specific order):

- listening to music and watching video-podcasts (and even a movie on the go)

- reading some documentations and even a lightweight book

- agenda, organizer

- internet (mail, google, etc.)

- using different application and perhaps some games (testing and/or developing)

- and if we talk about the iPhone: the phone itself and stretching the camera to its limit

- voice recording

- etc.

The questions I think of:

- should I buy a new iPod touch or a used old generation iPhone?

- how big/noticeable is the hardware difference between a iPod touch 3gen and a iPhone 3G?

- how great is the risk of buying a used iPhone (without a warranty)?

- (kind of off topic: what do you think about the saying that ?the iPad is just a bigger iPod touch?? ? of course having in mind the model without 3G; is it worth 499$?; if the convenience of carrying it into your pocket is not a big deal and is not that important, is it worth buying a iPad in detriment of a iPod touch?)

I?m not that impressed/interested with/in the phone function. On the other hand I appreciate the camera very much (maybe if Apple announced yesterday not only the iPad, but also the Ipod touch with a camera, I wouldn?t be in a dilemma). I want to buy something useful. And I intend to buy only one thing (so for the next couple of years I don?t want to buy something else).

Anyway, I?m looking forward to you?re advice and suggestions.

Thank you,



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