Will iPad be able to stream from an itunes library?

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Just wondering if (unlike on the iphone unless you use things like simplify media) the ipad will be able to stream like an appletv your itunes collection, or will it only be able to play music contained within its own storage space?

Would be good to have the iPad docked to some speakers and play all my music and show full screen artwork too.

I currently have a Roku Soundbridge system, but would like to have nice artwork showing.

Even the largest iPad will not store everyones music collection, so would be great if you can play your computer's library wirelessly (like AppleTV does nicely).




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    That's one feature I've been wanting on my iPhone and iPod Touch for a very long time.

    Hopefully the battery is robust enough for it. Battery life and lack of N wireless is probably why it hasn't shown up on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
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    ...so I was wondering the same thing and tinkered around with this today. I was able to successfully stream music, movies and other files from my iTunes library to my iPad. Basically, you need to share the folders and, using symbolic links (not aliases) associated with the web server, you can get your content. So this was only over wi-fi, but works nonetheless. Using Safari, navigate to the webshare and you'll have a directory view of your iTunes library. I'm guessing that we will see something from Apple soon for this. If not, any developers out there want to collaborate and submit an app?

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    mjg1964mjg1964 Posts: 1member
    I have had an iPad since day one. StreamingiTunes content was a major oversight by Apple. AirVideo can stream non iTune purchased content. So if I buy a video and rip it, I can watch it via the app AirVideo, but not any video bought from the iTunes Store.

    Until Apple (or an third party app) creates an app that allows me to watch (ie stream) my iTunes purchased content, I am refusing to purchase new iTunes content. I encourage you to do the same, until Apple does something about it.

    Yes, I believe that Apple should do something about this, not a third party... its their content!

    Perhaps I'm just ticked because I have 1TB of Apple's iTunes content and can't access it on my iPad, but can on my other computers and my AppleTV.

    Makes no sense to me!

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