Amazon pulls Macmillan e-books

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This is a story that seems to have roots that reach into iPad territory... Remember Jobs talking about all e-books would be the same price on iBooks and Amazon?


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    Good catch. Jobs did allude to the fact that the publishers were unhappy with their ebook arrangements with Amazon. Possibly this signals that pricing will be ultimately be closer to what Apple has said ebooks for the iPad will cost.
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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,461member
    When did Apple go from the guys who offered more choice for less with regard to content to the guys who help charge everyone more for the same content?

    I'm not saying the books aren't worth that amount of money, I'm simply saying that when Apple was demanding $.99 per song and others wanted more "flexible" pricing, we defended the model there. $.99 makes most songs an impulse buy. Most games I find myself grabbing are right around $2.99. Finally for books, I use my monthly credit at Audible which is $15.00 to buy a book so clearly understand the value. But if the books were lower, I might get sucked into even more purchases. $8.99 each and I could see easily a second or possibly third purchase happening.
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    areseearesee Posts: 776member
    Watch out when doing price comparisons with Audible. Audio books will always be more expensive. They have the added cost of a reader and an audio engineer.
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