Trouble with XCode ... help ... please

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Ill admit Im a bit of a noob to programming so please bear with me. I need to write some very basic c++ programs for a number theory class (I was using Visual c++ but cant stand booting up vmware every time I need to work). Anyway, I got xcode and Ive tried opening new projects using both "C++ Tool" and "Carbon Bundle" and open a new "C++ class" file. The problem is that I cant figure out how to actually build the program. Any thoughts? Appreciate it.


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    You aren't looking for someone who would do your homework for free, are you?

    Carbon bundle is not what you should look for.

    You seem using XCode of the version prior to 3.2. Then C++ Tool is right choice, if you plan to create just command line application, which is not supposed to develop any windowing UI. As soon as you create your project, it compiles at least.

    Open the file main.cpp and start your development inside the function main.
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