iPad 'sales catalysts' - your take

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
* Digital TV reception built-in

* Pen input (I know Steve Jobs dislikes stylii, but handwriting recognition or input is very useful)

* $299 entry-level price

spin-off of article Apple seen moving 2M iPads in 2010 before sales 'catalyst' emerges

I'd like to add:

* OS X


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    I agree that SOME sort of sales catalyst will show up within the first year... but I don't think TV is it (unless it's via the 3G connection). Neither is price... it'll "fly off the shelves" at the current price. The stylus in conjunction with handwriting recognition (meaning: accurately transcribing your handwriting into text!) would be HUGE!

    More likely though, the catalyst will come from a 3rd party app (or several.) ... or maybe from expansion to CDMA networks (at least in the US.)
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