Playlist problem

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014

I have bought ISkysoft DVD Ripper and am putting all my music DVD's onto Itunes/Apple TV. So far it has all worked pretty good except i have now come accross some issues.

The movies I have ripped show on the ATV in the movies library but when i drop them into a playlist on Itunes they play fine on the computer but dont sync to my ATV on the same playlist, all music i have bought sinks fine on these playlists. Its wierd though because the ATV is picking them up as they play in My movies but not on the playlist.

The other issue is when i play these ripped DVD songs on Itunes on my laptop the songs start from where i finished listening to last time, so if I am playing a song then stop it and go do something else and when i go back to the song it doesnt start from the start it starts from where i left of.

Again i would appreciatte any help

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