Pikmin - I finally beat it.

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And it only took me 4 days

But what a great game. No mind numbing gun violence, lots of strategy, fun, intricate puzzles.... blah blah. And nice graphics.

Anyone else play the game? Or having trouble with the game? I can offer some advice if so.


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    Ive *played* it, but I dont own a gamecube.

    Its one of the most addictive puzzle games since Lemmings, unfortunatly not as good as Lemmings nor as long.
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    My brother has this for Game Cube. I personally haven't played it, but it looks like fun. I just got Sonic for Game Cube (the DC version was $45, the GC was $50 and apparently will link with my Game Boy Advance, and has 'better graphics) and it's okay so far.

    I also really like Super Smash Bros: Melee. What a crazy game that is.
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