help on dial up modem

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I run OS 10.4.11 on a pre intel mini

My internal modem dies and I replaced it with the Zoom model 3095 works well but after shut down each evening, and when I start up in the morning the mini default to the internal modem...I selected the USB modem Configuration and placed all the correct info in it and it has worked well after doing that but always goes back to internal modem...

How do I make this modem the default ...can not find a place to do so...



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    Did you set it up in Network Prefs or Internet Connect? Don't know if this will help but I recently set up a USB wireless modem. Couldn't get it to work through Network Prefs but when I set it up in Internet Connect it was up and running. Makes no sense but it works so who cares? All I got, sorry. Good luck.
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