iFrame and other iPhotos hardware

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Forgive me if this is old ground, but do you suppose that amongst the possible hardware accessories for iPhoto that there might be a digital photo-frame "done right"?

It could:

- have an internal hard drive

- hook up to your home network and pull images from a specified folder (and subfolders) on any connected machine.

Which digital storage media would it support? SmartMedia? Compact Flash? I suspect that Sony's Memory Sticks might be judged as being too proprietary for inclusion. I could be wrong.

It would likely use FireWire for quick transfer from Apple's Digital Camera's internal 10GB hard drive....if such a creature existed.

Perhaps it could even have some integration with iTools photo folders. Imagine Grandma being able to see the latest pictures of her grandchildren.

This would be, I suspect, a potential server-drag for Apple and mightn't be as popular as it sounds. But, more and more folks are getting broadband so I won't be surprised it happens somewhere, sometime.

Just some fodder for discussion.


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