Can't import movies or videos into iTunes.

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I have been using iTunes on PC's and a MacBook for several years - all with multiple User Accounts (log-in's for my children). I have purchased several Movies and Music Videos from the iTunes Store. I have recently moved my iTunes folder to an external hard drive. Since then, everything works properly, except...

In my daughter's account on the PC, I can't import movies or music videos. I've tried dragging and dropping them into iTunes and I've used the add Folder / File options. When I do this, I get no messages. The titles simple do not appear in iTunes. When I access my shared iTunes library, the titles show up, but they won't play (I get a message that I don't have access privileges).

All of the Movies and Videos appear under her account on the MacBook. Just not the PC.

Any ideas???


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    Try opening the movies in QuickTime 7, and saving them as reference files. Drop that file into iTunes.
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