Adobe promises faster Flash on Macs

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Apparently all the squinking about Flash and the iPad has got Adobe's attention.



The words reflect an Adobe effort to explain itself while under competitive threat.

"Video rendering is an area we are focusing more attention on -- for example, today a 480p video on a 1.8Ghz Mac Mini in Safari uses about 34% of CPU in OSX versus 16% in Windows in BootCamp. With Flash Player 10.1, we are optimizing video rendering on the Mac and expect to reduce CPU usage by half, bringing OSX and Windows closer to parity for video."

"For graphics rendering, we are moving to Core Animation which will reduce CPU usage and, we believe, get us to the point where OSX will be faster than Windows for graphics rendering."

Adobe also is taking on the matter of bugs. In particular, it's answering a security problem reported in September 2008...

"We picked up the bug as a crasher when it was filed on September 22, 2008, and were able to reproduce it. Flash Player 10 shipped in October 2008, so when this bug was reported we were pretty much locked and loaded for launch. The mistake we made was marking this bug for 'next' release... It slipped through the cracks, and it is not something we take lightly."

Woot. 16 months and counting to fix a published security and crash bug. Jobs says "lazy."
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