Apple TV Broken

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I my apple tv end of december 2009, its 160GB, recently its been slow and i've had to reset it everytime i unplug it. Today it was REALLY slow, so i unplugged it and let it sit a while. I plugged it back in, and it was blinking amber, i thought no big deal i'll hold scroll down and menu on the remote for 6 seconds to reset it, when i went to it would not restart. i tried several times. it recognized me doing it, but it didn't do anything. after 10minutes it went to the apple tv with '?' mark. ive tried several times to reset by remote but nothings working, please help


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    there was corrupt files, so it wouldn't reboot. I took it in to apple, and they are going to send me a new one, which will be here in 3 days, so relieved
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