What do you do with your SPAM?

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1. Delete it?

2. Bounce to sender?

3. Send it to the government?

4. All of the above?

While some may be concerned about the increasing involvement/restrictions by government over commerce/free speech, many people believe that "unsolicited commercial e-mail" is more than an annoyance.

You can forward your unwanted SPAM to [email protected] The FTC catalogs originators of these messages and may take action against certain parties.

More information can be found at cauce.org. The e-mail address was recently publicized by CNET radio (AM 910 in San Francisco) and has been active for a couple of years.


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    Slice it thin, marinate in teriyaki sauce, fry to a crisp, sandwich between two "beds" of rice and a seaweed wrapping...

    Oh, you mean the electronic variety? I usually just delete it, but I think I'll start forwarding it off to that gov address you listed. Thanks for the info!
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    BTP at MacNN recommends sending it here:

    <a href="http://spamcop.net/"; target="_blank">http://spamcop.net/</a>;
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