SSD in MacBook Pro

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Quick question for the group...I see SanDisk has just shipped it's new SSD product and it is qualified with Mac OS Snow Leopard. If I purchase the SSD is it possible to put it in my 2007 MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard? Would an Apple Store do that for me or would I need to go to a 3rd party vendor?

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    Check the physical size and SATA specs if they're compatible. Also, google "MacBook Pro take apart" and if you're good with repair you can do it yourself! The genius bar at the Apple store would most likely be able to do it for you. They probably can't back up your data for you however.

    Please share your experience here should you proceed with the upgrade, I wonder how Sandisk's drive compares with Intel's 80GB MLC G2 drive for starters. I think if all goes well you will have a fast MBP.
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