New Macs To Ship With iPhone OS Instead Of Mac OS X

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Apple Moving Macs and MacBooks to iPhone OS Soon

By Brian Briggs

Cupertino, CA - Apple announced that concurrent with the arrival of the iPad, all Apple laptops and desktop computers would begin shipping with iPhone OS instead of OS X.

Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller said, "Unifying the platform across all our devices from the lowly iPod Touch up to the most powerful Mac Pro will create a familiar user experience for all Apple customers. Removing the complexities that bother the most seasoned Mac users, will boost productivity to unparalleled levels."

Schiller thinks this move will broaden the appeal of Apple's Macs beyond their core demographic. "Once people see just how simple they are to use we'll have them hooked," he said. He also felt it was the company's only option. "We weren't going to get OS X to run on an iPhone or iPad, so this was the only logical choice."

Some Mac users were excited by the move. Zedrick Affenburg of the Mac Users Group in Fairfield, Virginia said, "I can't wait to see what I can do on iPhone OS with a mouse and keyboard on my 27-inch dual-core iMac. I bet it just screams. And I'm really excited that my iMac just became a gaming machine with all those iPhone games that'll be available!"

Others, like Paul Frankenmiller of West Bloomfield, Michigan, weren't so sanguine. "I like my iPhone, but I'm not so sure about this move," he said. "I'm going to upgrade, but only because I've been programmed to do that."

Many think this guarantees that multi-tasking will be available on the next iteration of iPhone OS, but Schiller made no indication of any such upgrade.

Schiller said that Apple would continue supporting OS X through the end of 2010, but at that point all Macs need to upgrade to iPhone OS, or "risk unrecoverable formatting of their hard drives."

Is this true or just a rumor?



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    Originally Posted by JLMontz View Post

    Is this true or just a rumor?

    April Fool comes early this year...
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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Originally Posted by JLMontz View Post

    This article is from

    Apple Moving Macs and MacBooks to iPhone OS Soon


    Because this is your first post, I will assume that you are equally new to the Mac, MacOS X, and the iPhone.

    The operating system known as iPhone OS was referred to as OS X by Apple when it introduced the original iPhone. To be specific, the original iPhone OS was based on the same code base as MacOS X 10.5 before MacOS X 10.5 was a commercial product. The version of OS X on the iPhone has a mulitouch-based interface designed for direct manipulation of objects on the screen. Oh yes, the interface is also pretty good at making phone calls. The version of OS X in the Mac has an interface designed for interaction primarily using the mouse and keyboard. It is not intended to be held to you ear when you make phone calls.

    All Apple digital devices--Macintosh family, Apple TV, iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad--are based on OS X. The difference is that each product line uses a version that is optimized for the specific device. A iPod may not look much like a Xserve, but they share much of the same UNIX-based code. It makes no sense for Apple to install the operating system for the iPhone in a Mac Pro when it Apple already has an operating system based on the same code that is specifically designed for the big computer.
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    Not likely but I could see apple going with some iPhone/iPad like elements for the 10.7 GUI. these might be going with a similar look, replacing the traditional desktop/finder with something ipad inspired, etc while mixing traditional mouse based computer elements.
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    Should have sold that cute little article to The Onion.
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    mcbeavmcbeav Posts: 3member
    nah that wouldn't happen. If anything something like that would be implemented as a layer on top of OSX like frontrow or something or like BenRoethig said it could become the new gui for an upcoming Mac OS release.
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